Zabivaka - The Official 2018 World Cup Mascot

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Zabivaka - World Cup 2018 Mascot

From 1966, Each FIFA World Cup had its own Mascot. And, this time there is no difference. The first FIFA World Cup mascot was "Willie" and in 2018, "Zabivaka" got the highest vote and officially selected as the mascot that will represent the World Cup Russia 2018.

The meaning of Zabivaka is "the one who scores". In 2016, FIFA launched a voting system for choosing the official mascot and it had been a month long period. More than one million Russian people voted for this. And, from this voting system "Zabivaka" got the highest number of votes and selected as the official mascot of World Cup 2018.

A Russian channel named "Channel 1" broadcasted the result of voting system LIVE on 22nd October 2016. From the voting system The Wolf(Zabivaka) got 53% votes, the tiger got 27% and the cat got 20% votes. Ekaterina Bocharova is the women behind this world cup 2018 mascot, who is a student designer. The funny thing is that, this student designer has got only $500 for designing this wolf mascot.

Zabivaka will now only uphold the largest sports competition and cheer up the crowds, but also will be an ambassador of 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia. Zabivaka is basically a happy wolf wearing a glass, Tshirt with titled "Russia 2018" and a pant of red color. This wolf is now a worldwide celebrity that will entertain the people of entire world.